Activities that Help Beat Loneliness

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Being alone can be beneficial for recharging, taking time out and getting to know ourselves. However, TOO much time alone can also have a detrimental effect and trigger low emotions, loss of enthusiasm and allow us to feel disconnected from others. We may not always have a close friend we are able to call or be surrounded by family but there are activities we can do to help reconnect again. We can recognise that loneliness is a feeling and it will pass, but there are also ways to manage and overcome some of these periods:


  • VOLUNTEER – There are many organisations and charities that require the help of volunteers to keep operating. Sometimes when we are battling our own loneliness, giving back or helping others can be beneficial to everyone involved. Jump online and do a google search for what is available and of interest for you.


  • GO TO THE MOVIES – These days we have Netflix, YouTube and other sources of entertainment at our fingertips which means we never have to leave our home. Yes, this can be beneficial when we don’t feel like going far, however it does leave at loss for connection. Physically attended a film lets you reconnect again with the world and gives you an experience instead of staying home.

  • GAMING – a great way to connect with people online with a comment interest. This one you may not have to go far from in case you are not up to leaving the house. This is the positive power of online connection and communities. Join a gaming community, create an avatar and see what becomes of taking the leap.


  • PARK RUN – if you enjoy exercise and are looking for ways to connect, Park Run is a great way to join a community. It does not matter your level of activity or running ability you can also participate by walking. It gets you outside, endorphins flowing and keeps you moving. Park Run can be found all over Australia in many different locations.

  • COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES – there are many community activities that are on offer and free of charge within local communities around Australia. Whether it is gardening, social support, enhancing wellbeing and resilience. Here is Brisbane we have Communify that connects local neighbourhood centres and have many free activities on to keep everyone connected.
  • PETS – definitely help with loneliness and provide a touch element. Besides being super cute, they need to be cared for which increases a good sense of responsibility and they (almost) always love you back. They get you outside as dogs require exercise and perhaps may lead to you dog parks to meet other like-minded people.