Health and Lifestyle Influencer

Georgie Stevenson is a 24-year-old health and fitness blogger who has amassed more than 269,000 followers on her Instagram account and 92,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Georgie aims to educate, motivate and inspire her online community through her daily updates and tips on all aspects of her life including; fitness, self-care, studying, work, money and relationships.

Georgie has just released her first e-book Find Your Healthy: Beginners Guide to Intuitive Eating + Healthy Living Recipes which she says, “is the ultimate beginners guide to intuitive eating and is packed full of healthy living recipes to help kickstart your journey! I want you to think of this eBook as your go-to guide to learning to connect to your body, put an end dieting and find your passion in the kitchen.” Georgie’s website, which stands alongside her social media platforms, features “a collection of my hottest tips, best recommendations and first-hand knowledge that I have gained throughout my health journey.”

Georgie is a big supporter of mental health awareness and regularly shares her own experiences with mental health via her YouTube channel, with videos including Dealing With Stress…The Healthy Way!! II Day On My Plate + Go To Health Products and How to deal with stress & anxiety II Day in the life + Weighted blanket review.

Congratulations on your new book! What motivated you to write “Find Your Healthy: Beginners Guide to Intuitive Eating + Healthy Living Recipes”?
I felt like the fitness industry especially was lacking a "health without obsession" message! As someone who has taken health and fitness to extremes myself, I know just how damaging it can be, so I really wanted to create something that could genuinely help people ditch their diet mentality and repair their relationships with food! The amount of diets out there at the moment is insane, and I really do believe that it's not healthy or sustainable to jump from one diet to the next or become restrictive like most of us tend to do. Find Your Healthy is about learning how to tune into your own body's intuition and biofeedback so that you can find YOUR healthy, which you will ultimately be able to sustain for the rest of your life.

How do you balance training, working, and self-care, all while maintaining relationships with your husband, family, and friends?
(Haha) Honestly most days I feel like I barely manage, however, I always seem to end up finding a good balance. I think it's all about scheduling and learning when to prioritize different aspects of my life. I focus heavily on using my intuition to guide myself, so if I feel like I want to prioritise something over something else then that's what I will do! I don't always find the right balance - especially with work and self-care - but I always listen to my body when it tells me I need a break!

How do you find your diet affects your mental health?
For me personally, the food I eat ALWAYS impact my mental state. Previously, by being so restrictive and controlled I lost all connection with how my body was actually feeling and I developed a negative relationship with food. I remember thinking "I wish food didn't exist because it's so stressful!" Not only that but it causes a whole host of health problems, and when I failed a diet I would feel useless.

Why is mental health awareness and education so important to you?
Our minds are the most delicate things we can take care of in my opinion. I know when I am feeling down or having a bad day, it can stop me from even getting out of bed and doing the most basic daily life tasks. So I believe we should all start an open conversation about it and hopefully, we can find others who might be going through the same things as - because we are never alone!

When you were growing up, was there any education around maintaining mental health or much discussion around caring for your own mental wellbeing?
No! I never learned about it in school and I rarely heard of anyone else opening up about their struggles. The first time I ever really heard about it was a few years ago through social media!

As someone who works in public eye and shares a large portion of your personal life online, how do you deal with the pressures and negativity that often comes with having such a large online presence?
I have learned that what people say, is usually for of a reflection of their personal life struggles than a reflection on me! As I get older, I only get more confident in the person I am, so I make a conscious decision to ignore the 'negative' comments that come my way. Luckily for me - I don't receive too much of it so it's a lot easier for me to manage!

If you had one piece of advice for someone beginning their mental wellness journey, what would it be?
WRITE THINGS DOWN EVERY DAY! Before I start my day, I sit down at my desk and physically write down my goals and daily affirmations for the day. It's life changing and makes my day feel so much more positive and manageable! So I encourage everyone to do the same! Write down what you're thankful for everyday too - these small daily practises make the biggest difference to my overall mental health and outlook of life.

What are your top three stress busters when life gets busy?
1. Walks in the sun with puppies
2. Writing lists
3. Finding a quiet space for my thoughts or meditation.

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