Back into Routine

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Now that holidays are over, it can be hard to come back to routine, yet it can be the key to success for more balance in your physical and mental health. Routine is important as it can help us feel more in control with our lives and aid our mental health. It also allows us to save time if everything is in place which can be very beneficial in the fast paced society. Here are some tips below to help you with creating a routine to last:


  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself – So what if you didn’t completely stick to routine? You can always try again tomorrow. Life isn’t about being completely rigid, but it is nice to have guidelines to keep us structured.


  1. Start small – A complete change in environment and life can be extreme and make you feel rather turbulent. The best way is to start small by changing one thing or adding one thing and then building up slowly. This way it ensures that you do not opt for the all or nothing approach and more likely to stick to routine. 


  1. Make activities at the same time each day – that way you are more likely to stick to it and able to plan ahead as you know what is upcoming.


  1. Invite a friend – chances you may have a friend who is wanting to make similar changes in their routine so why not team up and keep each other accountable for motivation.


  1. Make it fun – routine isn’t about being strict or boring. Find ways to incorporate fun for example, if you struggle with exercise but know it makes you feel as a result, find a sport or activity you enjoy. There are also many groups available in the community if you find it hard to motivate.

By adding in these small measures, it will help set you up to stay on track with routine and therefore make it maintainable. Remember to allow for spontaneous moments as well, as this is where the magic can happen in life.