Eating well on a busy schedule

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A busy schedule is one of the biggest challenges facing a nutritional diet. As we know from the previous blogs, this is an issue because a poor diet can lead to mental health issues. 

Part of the reason for this challenge is that we don’t always have time to create healthy homestyle meals like our parents and grandparents. Another part of the issue is the abundance of alternative and easier options on seemingly every street in the form of fast food which can be appealing when you are in a rush. 

During our chat with dietitian and nutritionist Tess Keightley, we asked her about this problem and what she commonly sees in her work.

“What I’ve noticed as a dietitian is most of it comes down to habits and behaviours and emotions with food. I could give anyone a meal plan or a specific diet to follow but it is all of those other factors which are going to influence whether that person sticks to that diet. Busy lifestyles or schedules are one of top 3 reasons why people make poor health decisions”.

It can seem like a lost cause trying to maintain a nutritional diet on a busy schedule. Luckily this isn’t the case. There are lots of ways you can add nutrition back into your diet regardless of how busy you are and subsequently maintain a healthy mind. 

For example, one of the ways Tess helps her clients navigate these barriers is by simply asking them where they shop/work. She will then do a quick search in the area and identify healthier options at nearby takeaway stores or shops. Keep reading to see our other top tips!

Tips for ensuring you get a nutritional diet:

  • Identifying alternative options: Sometimes I do something as simple as asking a person where they shop/work. I’ll then do a quick search in the area and identify healthier options at nearby takeaway stores or shops. 
  • Meal prep: at the start of the week try and prepare ‘grab and go’ food for the week ahead. For example, roast some vegetables, cook some chicken or boil some eggs while you watch your favourite tv show at night. 
  • Identify healthy alternatives to your favourite foods: If you like to snack (don’t we all), try eating soya crisps or nuts/seeds instead of potato chips.
  • Struggle to get all your fruit or veggies in? Try adding them to smoothies, juices or even soups.

We strongly recommend following Tess on Instagram at @authentic_spoon where she is highly active in providing exceptional nutritional advice. She also releases a regular podcast series called ‘Authentic Conversations’ in which she discusses nutrition and business for health professionals. 

If you want a more personal experience, Tess is also available for online consultations.