Escaping your comfort zone

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We tend to live inside a comfort zone. You can imagine this as a hypothetical box of the things we know and where we feel safe. This is understandable. As the old saying goes, “better the devil, you know”. Sometimes the fear of the unknown is worse than your current troubles. Unfortunately, this attitude towards life can lead to complacency for some people and limit their personal growth. 

The people who reap the most rewards in life are usually the ones who embrace their fears and regularly exit their comfort zone. The funny thing is that once you begin escaping your comfort zone, it can become addicting.

We reached out to Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach Bladen Baird to get his thoughts on this topic. Bladen was a great person to speak to due to his focus on both physical and mental fitness. He is also a strong believer in escaping your comfort zone for a variety of beneficial reasons. 

“Small, regular exposure to a stressful environment can build psychological resilience to stress. You could apply that to your self-development, potentially overcome some fears and further build resilience, which will hopefully transfer into other areas of your life”.

These other areas of your life could include personal relationships, work and social interactions. This process doesn’t have to be a sprint, and you can approach it at your own pace. To help you out, we have included some easy tips on how to escape your comfort zone below with the help of Bladen.

Tips for escaping your comfort zone:

  1. Self-reflect: When you first decide to get out of your comfort zone, self-reflection is essential. Take some time to ask yourself about your strengths, weaknesses, motivations and any other areas you may need to work on. Taking the time to get a better understanding of yourself will help when you implement the necessary training methodologies and personal development courses.
  1. Set challenges: Self-reflection will be crucial to the success of this tip. Suppose you decided that one of your weaknesses was a lack of ambition at work, set yourself a work-orientated goal such as taking on a leadership position.
  1. Have a cold shower: For a lot of people, this is a long way out of their comfort zone. But, when you get out of the other side, you have a positive endorphin release. The little mental wins like this that you give yourself through the day build up your confidence.

Bladen was fantastic to speak to and provided great insight for this blog. We highly recommend finding him on Instagram for regular motivational and informational content! He is also available for in person sessions at the integrated health and performance clinic Healthfix in North Sydney!