Healthy Distractions

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In life we present with harder times and face challenges to get through them. Sometimes we can me mentally stuck in a place and replay situations or events over that may be damaging, this is also known as looping. It can be hard to break thought patterns or to not become triggered so the best way to help redirect thoughts can be healthy distractions.


By distracting yourself, you give emotions a chance to lessen and find more ease into your life.



  • Watch an inspiring movie: This can help spark feelings of positivity and hope again. When we are in a mentally heavy place and fixated on an issue, it can be hard to keep a progressive attitude so by watching a inspirational movie it can remind us of what is to come ahead and uplift us again and put focus into other aspects of life.


  • Take a walk or get outside: This is a great way to reset mentally. By removing ourselves from our usual environment and going outside for a walk, it creates a change in patterning and brings flow which can impact our throughts as well. It allows us to move through difficult emotions more easily and also is beneficial for your physical health!


  • Gaming: This requires a lot a focus and strategic planning which mean you have to direct your attention there. It brings you into the moment and it a great way to stop replaying situations or letting emotions take over. Even a few minutes of gaming can allow you to switch off.


  • Write it out: Sometimes the best way to let go of emotions is by writing it out. Think of it as an emotional dump that you no longer have to carry around in your head. If your emotions involve a situation with a person in it which you were unable to resolve or communicate, writing a letter a letter without sending it can benefit you and allow you to move forward.


  • Do the house work: Cleaning is always a great distraction because it takes concerntration and physical exertion and you benefit from a tidy house. Next time the feels hit hard, put on some tunes and grab the broom. Even 20 minutes can uplift you again and allow you feel a sense of achievement.


  • Play with children: Children help bring you into the moment and you can’t help but be bought into focus with their outlook on life. They have the ability to bring a smile to your face even when things can be upsetting or emotionally strong. Why not offer to babysit for a family member next time you find yourself looking for a healthy distraction?

Using distractions for coping with emotions. Emotions can be strong and uncomfortable – the good news is though they will pass.