Hypnotherapy as a treatment for mental illness

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The purpose of this blog isn’t to discredit traditional medicine, but instead to offer an alternative option to those who have exhausted their current options. After all, humans are incredibly complex and there will always be people who fall between the cracks regardless of traditional medical advancements. 

Fuelling Success founder Bonnie Killip is one of these people. She suffered with anorexia nervosa for 15 years and was only able to break free by taking a chance on hypnotherapy. She now uses her deeply personal experience and extensive expertise in nutrition and dietetics, hypnotherapy and science to coach people to the best versions of themselves.

Bonnie is one of the biggest advocates for hypnotherapy and credits it with saving her life. She was in the traditional medical system for years without success before turning to hypnotherapy.

She describes the experience as “expecting it to be like seeing another psychologist. I thought it would involve recounting my story and talking about all the things that were wrong with me. I didn’t expect to get much out of it, but the hypnotherapist was extremely positive and talked about the eating disorder as a behaviour rather than an inherent part of my identity”.

Hypnotherapy works by enhancing theta brainwaves with focus detection and enhanced learning. Instead of trying to learn something in a typical state with a low chance of learning such as anxiety, it primes your brain to be in the perfect condition to take on any desired new learning. Essentially it helps to facilitate the actions that your conscious mind wants to do in natural way rather than having to force yourself to do something.

The reason Bonnie now chooses hypnotherapy to work with people’s unconscious mind rather than conscious mind is because of her own personal experience. She would have been unable to understand her feelings or what they meant without it. This is because the unconscious mind has its own reasons for your emotions and trying to understand that consciously can be difficult. Especially since the unconscious mind makes up 95% of your total brain function.

You now know that hypnotherapy can be used to treat an eating disorder after hearing Bonnie’s story but that’s not all. Remember that it helps to ‘facilitate the actions that your conscious mind wants in a natural way’. This can be used as a treatment for a variety of mental health issues like anxiety and addiction.

Bonnie has been an amazing help in providing insight on this topic and we highly recommend you check out Fuelling Success if you are considering making a positive change in your life! She provides a number of services such as Functional NutritionClinical Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming