Improving your routine for better mental health

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Did you know that your daily routine can have huge implications for your mental health and overall happiness? It’s true! We’ve put this blog together with insight from expert Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach Bladen Baird to show you three ways you can improve your daily routine!  


Exercise releases endorphins and serotonin (a mood regulator) which helps you sleep, relieve stress and decrease anxiety and depression. On a superficial level, it can also be a great way to improve your confidence by looking better. This confidence can carry through your day to day life and improve your mental outlook. 

Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach Bladen Baird shared a similar view when we spoke to him recently. 

“Some people call exercise the miracle drug. It can help with a range of things such as weight loss and muscle gain, even the quality of sleep we get. Exercise can also provide a lot of mental health benefits, such as reducing symptoms of anger and anxiety”.

He was even kind enough to help us put together some tips on how to introduce exercise into your routine!

Exercise tips:

  • If exercise is a new habit, try and link it to one of your existing habits.
  • If you are returning from a training hiatus, you could park your car 20-minutes away from your workplace and start with that easy walk in.  
  • Make an appointment with someone, or even yourself. You can hire a professional and undertake a session under their care or simply meet a friend at the gym and keep each other accountable.  


It is almost a badge of honour for co-workers to tell each other about how little sleep they had the previous night or week. Lack of sleep can be incredibly harmful to both your mental and physical wellbeing with sleep deprivation, contributing to a variety of problems like depression and heart disease. It is important to prioritise sleep and get at least 7-hours of sleep a day to maintain a healthy body and brain function.

Bladen highlights the importance of sleep in a balanced routine by describing it as one of the main things he looks at when he takes on a new client.

“We work on improving their sleep so they’re recovering as they should and waking up fresh for the next day”.

Breathing work

You may have seen us talk about this in our last blog, but for those who didn’t, the process involves breathing in a systemic or conscious pattern. It is a useful tool that can help you focus and re-balance. It may also help with treating mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and grief. The best part about breathing work is that it is quick. You can complete it at your pleasure! Click the link to read more about breathing work!

Bladen was fantastic to speak to and provided great insight for this blog. We highly recommend finding him on Instagram for regular motivational and informational content! He is also available for in person sessions at the integrated health and performance clinic Healthfix in North Sydney!