MHW Spotlight: Mindfull Aus & Human Connection Project

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As you will know, this week is mental health week. We thought that we would use our blog this week to celebrate two of the organisations we think are having an amazing impact in the mental wellness space.

Both of these organisations are special in their own way but are tied together by a core responsibility of educating and providing people with the tools they need to look after the mental well-being of themselves and those around them.

1. Mindfull Aus

Mindfull Aus is a not-for-profit created by Matt Runnalls after being heavily affected by the loss of multiple friends to suicide. His organisation takes a fresh, authentic and personable approach to providing mental health education and suicide prevention in the areas that need it most.

They are having a fantastic impact on a number of at-risk communities through amazing projects including:

Healthier Hearts and Lighter Minds: This early intervention program is undertaken in primary schools and sees children as young as 4 taught how to navigate the emotions of both themselves and the people around them in a fun and energetic way. The primary facilitators of this course are expertly trained in America at Stanford University or California State University and are able to ensure all children will be catered for regardless of their learning style.

Mental Health First Aid training: This is an educational course designed to improve your understanding of mental health challenges and provide you with strategies to support others.

Guest Speakers: Mindfull Aus has a fantastic team of speakers that come from a professional and lived experience background. Because of this, they are able to openly speak about topics that are often avoided and bring hope and acceptance to the conversation. They offer a tailored experience and will deliver an authentic and engaging experience to any workshop or program.

Workshops: Mindfull Aus offer a fantastic range of workshops including Blueprint to Wellness, Strengths Based Self Care, Child-Parent Sessions and Loved and Worthwhile (Community Forums). These workshops were developed to educate the most at-risk communities on a variety of topics which allow them to take mental wellness back into their own hands!

2. Human Connection Project

The Human Connection Project is a profit for purpose social enterprise created to provide education on the importance of developing authentic connections with those in your community.

The HCP was founded by Matt Boyce after he realised his own struggles cultivating authentic connections following the sudden passing of a best friend.

The Human Connection Project has a number of fantastic initiatives which are helping people to connect and be proactive about mental health such as:

Human Connection Fundamentals (online course): This course was designed out of The Human Connection Projects “dedication to empowering people to create opportunities for human connection”. Throughout a series of 8 modules, you will learn how to improve the way you connect with your community and workforce. 

Walk & Talk: This is a great initiative designed to get communities together and talking about topics beyond the surface level. Join their page on Facebook to find your nearest Walk & Talk or register to become an ambassador and organise your own monthly Walk & Talks in your community!

School Mentorship: This 5-week in class program provides mentorship to our youth and creates more genuine, empowered and empathetic leaders for the future.

How Goods Living: The HCP’s merchandise line was created to promote honest and open messages about mental health. Sales from this merchandise is used to fund education and awareness projects across the country.

The Global Movement: The Global Movement is another fantastic initiative of the HCP. It was created to be the world’s largest proactive mental health management community. The goal of the Global Movement is to build a community of 100,000 people who run, walk, ride or swim 800,000km. This is a significant number because 800,000 is the number of people who take their own life each year.

Although we only highlighted two organisations in this blog, we recognise that there are numerous people and organisations across the country making a difference. We want to thank them as well!

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis call Lifeline on 13 11 14 for 24/7 crisis support.