Our Purpose


We LOVE Chocolate! But YUMM!’s purpose is about more than just chocolate.

YUMM! has been created by a team of young doctors and entrepreneurs who saw the need for improved primary intervention strategies to help combat the onset of mental health disorders in 18 to 35-year-olds.

YUMM! chocolate is our vehicle to help facilitate and fund this important change.


Mental wellness tips are wrapped around our delicious chocolate products, with the objective to spark conversations about caring for mental health and fitness (a topic often overshadowed by the emphasis placed on physical fitness).

We are also committed to giving young Aussies access to free educational and engaging mental health tools. We do this by selling our delicious chocolate bars and putting the profits from those bars back into creating our mental health resources and tools.

All of our resources are medically informed by our YUMM! Health Professionals, who are just as committed to helping young Aussie’s stay mentally healthy.

Our intention is for chocolate lovers to feel good, inside and out, and to say: hello to happy!

Find all of our mental health resources HERE