Coping this Christmas

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How to stay mindful during the most magical (stressful) time of the year.

 This time of year is supposed to be about love, family and the magic of Christmas. Unfortunately for most, it ends up being a stressful time full of obligations, rushed shopping trips and forever trying to reach the expectations of others.

This Christmas, flip the expectations around and do it your way! Here are five ways to make sure that this Christmas, is actually magical.

Coping this Christmas YUMM Wellness Tip


Some people LIVE for Christmas. They breathe tinsel and eat pudding year round. So they’re prepared — they’ve got their Xmas lights up in August and the presents bought for next year in the boxing day sales.

But *newsflash* YOU ARE NOT THEM! This time of year isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, nor is it integral to living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Everyone lives differently, copes differently and enjoys different aspects of the holiday period. So don’t waste time comparing yourself to others, after all, they may themselves be facing a battle you don’t realise.


There is no way in the world you can go full Gilmore Girls and attend five events in one day and still retain your sanity. No matter how much you love food. Five, four-course dinners on different sides of town, is bound to push anyone to their limits. Write a list of what you absolutely MUST attend, and make sure you stick to those events. Christmas is about spending time with loved ones, not racing around trying to fulfill others expectations.


Christmas is great for food. No doubt about it.

And booze. Food and booze.

Unfortunately, too much of either ain’t going to end well for anybody. No one wants to be the token drunk, nor do you want to pass out from in a food coma.

So take it slow peeps!


My personal favourite activity. Which unfortunately doesn’t happen much for a lot of busy elves over Christmas (you).

But the holidays are supposed to be restful. So once you’ve cleared all of those unnecessary events from your schedule, take some time for a sleep in — or a nice nap — even a moment to have a cup of tea or read a book, rest comes in all shapes and forms.


We can sometimes get caught up in all of the food, festivities, presents, and people — and forget that there are people out there who are dealing with more than stress this Christmas.

Nothing feels better than giving back — even if it’s donating some food or a gift. But nothing is better than the gift of time. If you can give back this Christmas, you’ll feel all the better for it and maybe make someone’s Christmas that little bit more special.

Now no one expects you to give the world — just something small can make the world of difference to someone’s life.

But most importantly, don’t forget that Christmas is what you make it!