Strategies to improve your mental health

Anxiety | Mental Health | Stress Management
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Mental health and keeping well is not something that has to be done alone, nor should it be something that keeps you from living a life that you want. Although we have days where it might hit harder than others and come in waves, there are also strategies and ways we can implement in our life to help improve overall mental health.


  • TALK whether it be amongst friends or someone close to let out what you have been bottling up, or with a professional or online community if you prefer to talk about issues in private or confide in someone not in a close circle, talking can really be of benefit. It allows you to help shift your perspective and reduce anxiety around issues. It helps you to know that you are not alone in your battles and that help is always available.


  • GET MOVING this is of benefits to both the mind and the body. One of the best ways to reduce stress and chemicals in the body is to get moving. By being stagnant, this causes the body and mind also to be stuck. Exercise helps create a different outlook and puts you into more of a flow state.


  • NUTRITION hugely impacts our mental health. Health is not just a reflection of our physical, it is of our mental as well. The role of food and what we put into our bodies has an effect on our mood and proper nutrition helps with producing neurotransmitters essential for clear thinking and feeling good.


  • GET OUTDOORS nature and sunlight helps to regulate our mood and can bring us back to the present moment. Spending time outdoors can clear our heads and minds and allows us to breath in fresh oxygen to reset again.


  • LEARN SOMETHING NEW helps us to keep our minds active and not stuck in old though patterns. Learning something news helps us to open new pathways in the brains and direct our focus there keeping us present in the moment.


  • SLEEP is important for health in every aspect. Sleep helps regulate our mood, hormones and allows the body to restore. We need sleep to help us thinking clearly, make healthy choices and function properly for overall health and mental wellness.