Switching Off

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With a very fast paced society and busy culture we find ourselves amongst, it can be hard to switch off mentally, especially in this day and age with information overload. Our phones are constantly alerting us with notifications and it can feel like our “to do” list is never complete. Did you know by not taking time out, it can have a huge impact on our lives in many areas, not just for ourselves but also having an effect on our loved ones as well?

Here are some suggestions that may help with winding down and switching off:

  • SWITCH OFF TECHNOLOGY FOR A FEW HOURS – this is a lot easier said than done. Technology plays a role in many aspects of life and can be hard to remove ourselves from it entirely. It is fantastic for many things, however like everything, it is also beneficial to have a break to spend time with ourselves to recharge. Put the phone on aeroplane mode, turn off the laptop or leave it at work for the night and see how much time you have to do something you like instead of mindless scrolling that can become consuming out of habit. Trust us, the world can wait and will be right there when you switch back on again.


WRITE YOUR WORRIES DOWN – Our minds can be constant not stop chatter at times. To help switch off, writing down what we have to do or remember for the future can assist with mental relaxation. It can take practice to switch off entirely, however by writi
ng them down and leaving them for a moment, you are able to come back to them.


  • GET LOST IN ANOTHER PLACE – We are not saying technology is a bad thing, however the constant engagement with people, work and study through online platforms can leave us feeling very wired and “on” if we don’t take a break from that engagement. TV, books, gaming and films all give us different a different experience from the normal world we live in day to day.


  • NATURE – It is easy to get caught up in life matters and completely lose touch with our surroundings. Focusing on what needs to be done or perhaps with a time poor culture we fly out of the door in the morning completely focused on not being late. Taking time to acknowledge nature and our surrounds gives us a rejuvenated outlook and brings us back to more of a balanced state. It might be being conscious of trees or what is around us whilst walking or taking your lunch to a grassy spot away from the office desk.


  • PRACTICE – By trying a practice of some sort, it can be helpful for switching off and to recharge again. Meditation, Yoga or Mindfulness all have this element to go within internally and switching off from what might be increasing stress and preoccupation in themind. There are many different apps that can help get you started to guide you through. It is called a practice for a reason, so don’t get dishearten if you find it difficult, switching off can be a very hard task.


  • CREATE – Creativity takes concentration and requires us to remain focused. By having this direct activity to engage with, it allows us to switch off and make something that is not in relation to a mentally stimulating task. Music,
    dance, art, writing and composing are examples of creative outlets helpful for switching off and viewing another side of life.
  • SPENDING TIME WITH LOVED ONES – Connecting with others can help us disconnect from our worries and concerns. By being with others, it gives us the ability to bring us into the presentmoment. Have you ever spent time with a small human and felt uplifted? You can’t help but smile which in turn allows you to fully be there and switch off.

Switching off may not come easily and it may be something you have to schedule in for your own self care. There are a few ways that may work for you, yet switching off is individual and should be enjoyed.