The importance of boundaries

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It doesn’t matter who we are or what we do in life – we all need to have boundaries in place. Boundaries are best described as personal non-negotiables we have made for our self to protect our own time, energy and overall wellbeing. They are a strong NO to situations we don’t want to be in or behaviours that are not going to be beneficial to us in the long run. They are important in relationships, the workplace, family dynamics, technology and with our friends.


Boundaries help us take responsibility for our actions in life and leave us feeling less over whelmed because we know where we stand in life. It stops cycles of overthinking or leaving us feeling depleted mentally or physically. It is about what we let into our lives and what can be left out. It is a lot easier said than does as BOUNDARIES TAKE PRACTICE.


They are a great way for us to help practice assertion and being direct in response. All too often in life, unwanted situations result due to not being straightforward in our answers in thought we might upset others when in actual fact, it you that matters most. Also, always saying yes is not going to best for every situation, in fact it can lead to others disrespecting your time and energy.


Results of setting boundaries include:


  • Lowering stress level.


  • You become a better communicator.


  • You allow selfcare and adequate time to recharge.


  • You have less built up angry because you are making decisions and doing what you want to be doing.


  • You become more compassionate towards yourself.


  • You learn respect towards yourself and to others.   


Again boundaries are not easy and they take practice, however you can start by thinking about what is important in your life and how you want to best protect yourself physically and emotionally.