Ways to Reduce Feelings of Anxiety

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At one point or another in life, we are all effected by worry, however when worry, feeling tense or irritable becomes more of a common occurrence, this may be known as anxiety.


When these feelings take over and control our way of functioning and living out life. There are ways that we can implement to help reduce symptoms and feelings



  • Write it down – by writing down our worries, tasks that we have to do or even unwanted thoughts, we reduce our mental stress and declutter our thoughts allowing you to think more clearly again.


  • Exercise – exercise has been shown to reduce cortisol which is the hormone responsible for stress and has also been shown to help boost confidence which can be lost in times of stress or feeling worried.


  • Learn to say No – no is a complete answer without having to elaborate. Saying no helps to establish boundaries and helps reduce over commitment to tasks that may not be essential to ourselves. This helps lower our stress and anxiety making decisions that are going to be helpful to us.


  • Mindfulness – another way to help reduce feelings of anxiety include mindfulness. By focusing and paying attention to daily life instead of rushing through tasks we may usually do, it allows us to check in and turn down the volume in our heads by feeling into the body.


  • Talk to someone – by sharing our concerns and worries we can help rationalise our thoughts and concerns. People can help offer support or provide a different view that we may not be able to see when we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.


  • Take time out – sometimes taking time out from what you are meant to be doing can be more beneficial that continuing to keep at in when in a stressed or anxious state. This allows us to step away and gain a fresh insight.


These are some ways that may help reduce feelings of anxiety, however it is recommended to seek professional help or support for an anxiety condition.