What Does Self Care Look Like For You?

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Self care has quickly become an activity that increasingly has become acceptable amongst society in order to look after our mental and physical wellbeing. However, with all the buzz surrounding the word, it can be easy to forget what practicing self care looks like. It is a task we do deliberately in order to take care of ourselves with the intention of enhancing our energy, lessening stress and restoring our health. It is an essential to developing a relationship with yourself.



Besides physical activities, it can also be about learning boundaries and processing emotional reactions that we may not be to used to performing such as asking for help or learning to say no to something that may take away from our overall health.


Naturally humans are unique and have different interest so self care looks different for everyone, however, there are ways daily to ensure you are caring for oneself in order to prevent burn out and keep well. These include:


  • Ensuring you are eating well

Nutrition is crucial is our overall physical and mental health and impacts our daily perform and ability to cope with life. Food is fuel for our bodies in order to keep us going, to regulate our hormones which are in control of our mood and to maintain our overall health. When nutrition lacks in the body, we develop issues with our mental health as well as our physical.


  • Adequate sleep

Sleep is crucial for brain function and overall health. If you are not getting enough sleep and deficient in this department, you run the risk of having trouble making decisions, problem solving, controlling your emotions and behaviour. It has also been linked to mental health issues such as depression.  


  • Knowing your limits

Saying no may not be something everyone is comfortable with depending on their level of agreeableness, we may find ourselves committing to tasks or activities that are beyond our capacity and push us to our limit physically and mentally. Learning our limits and figuring out how to slow down when we need to helps take care of selves and learning that NO is a complete answer without an explanation can be used in order to protect your own wellbeing.   


It also includes taking time to ourselves that can lift our energy again whether it is reading a book, taking a bath to relax, going to the movies or any activity that is personal to your enjoyment these are all essentials to self care.